Bankruptcy:  Comparing
Chapter 7 with Chapter 13

C h a p t e r  7

C h a p t e r  13


Creditor’s Perspective


Creditor’s Perspective

  • Complete forgiveness of most debt

  • Total loss – must write off an asset

  • Partial debt forgiveness likely

  • Gets at  least some of the money owed it

  • Debtor gets a “fresh start” – walks away with “clean slate”

  • Creditor is left with bad debt on its books

  • Must continue with debt burden until paid off

  • Regular stream of income for period of repayment

  • Process is usually complete within 120 days  

  • Creditor may have worked with debtor for several years before bankruptcy petition on a plan to pay down the debt– now creditor is not given very much time to contest & is often useless for creditor to  contest anyway

  • No quick fix – repayment period usually 3-5 years

  • Repayment more equitable than discharge of debt since creditor may have lent its money to debtor in form of granting credit, for years prior to petition

  • Quick, easy

  • Too quick and too easy – invites abuse

  • Can help preserve business relationships where debtor intends to continue operating, or does not want to “start from scratch” again after CH 7 discharge

  • Often see it to their benefit to work with debtors who show intent to “stick it out” and repay their debt instead of seeking discharge  under Chapter 7

  • Court’s involvement usually ends after 120 days with discharge

  • Forever foreclosed from asserting any rights to collect the debt after discharge granted (usually 120 days after filing)

  • Ongoing supervision and involvement of the bankruptcy court until payment plan completed

  • Supervision viewed as valuable in keeping debtor on course with payment plan


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