Bankruptcy Post-Filing timeline

1st    Petition is filed

2nd   Provide documents to bankruptcy trustee (within 15 days) which include:

  1. Estimate of real estate value
  2. Payoff balance of all mortgages and home equity lines of credit
  3. Proof of Insurance of real estate
  4. Car value from KBB.com or Nada.com
  5. Payoff balance on any car loans
  6. Auto – Proof of Insurance
  7. Vehicle registration
  8. Tax return from prior year
  9. Bank statements from date of filing
  10. Payroll records from 6 months prior to filing

3rd    Creditors' hearing where you personally appear (within 30 days after filing)

4th    Complete financial management course (within 75 days after filing)

5th    Discharge issued (120-180 days after filing, depending on facts and circumstances)

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